‘Big Head Mode’ is a bunch of idiots who bang on too much about video games.

It started as a one hour long radio show on every friday night at 9pm on Sydney’s 2RRR 88.5FM. Ben, Carlo, Tom and Bardiya (not to mention a variety of other guest co-hosts) riff on the week in gaming news, review and discuss the latest games and chat with developers and other industry members. That’s not even mentioning the constant variety of awesome video game soundtracks and other nonsense. The show can be heard live in Sydney on 2RRR 88.5FM or streamed through the 2RRR website.

You can download the podcasts on this website or subscribe through iTunes.

When they’re not on the radio, they can be seen on YouTube, ‘On The Lounge’ with various comedians and other guests, talking about their favourite games, their careers and… well, just any old rubbish really.

They also present a monthly live Video Game Talk Show called ‘Bonus Stage’. Sketches, interviews, live gaming and some awesome gaming music, all performed live at the Giant Dwarf Theatre in Redfern, Sydney.

Ben ‘Big Head’ O’Brien – Host and video game buddhist

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When he isn’t talking loudly into a stick, Ben can often be found running through the streets of Sydney at top speeds, collecting golden rings. He was also a one time member of the popular superhero team ‘The Avengers’ but was eventually kicked out for overuse of the phrase “ASSEMBLE” or to quote Captain America, “You don’t have to say it EVERY time”. Giving up crime fighting, Ben fell back on his second love, video games. His favourite types of games are open world action games, engaging co-op games and any game he can be better at than his friends. When it comes to multiplayer, he’s more of a lover than a fighter but if you trash talk him online you better be prepared for a carefully worded, typed out response because if Ben’s learned anything over his years as a gamer it’s that there’s nothing aggressive douchebags on Xbox Live respect more than a smug, eight paragraph response (full referencing and bibliography included).

Xbox Live – Wolvieboy

PSN – Wolvieboy

Nintendo ID – Wolvieboy

Carlo ‘Richardo’ Ritchie – Maverick Gentleman


If there’s one thing Carlo Ritchie can’t stand it’s playing games by the book. Forget the rules, his methods may be unorthodox, dangerous and down right irresponsible but damn it, he gets results. Whether the result be the destruction of the reapers or saving Termina, he’ll get it and you better hope you don’t get in his way. If Carlo could name three things in his life he couldn’t live without, he’d say justice, his gun ‘Liara’ and Majora’s Mask. Got a problem with that? Yeah, well he doesn’t give a damn. When he’s not on the streets putting his maverick antics to the test he’s at home chipping away at achieving level 60 in Mass Effect 1. Will he get there? You bet your arse he will and the chief better be ready for some serious paperwork.

Xbox Live: SgtGooodTimes

Tom ‘Lady Pants’ Maclurcan – Co-host and serial pessimist


Don’t believe your history books, the real reason Julius Ceasar crossed the rubicon is because he was raging after losing a game of Halo to Tom Maclurcan. Tom spends more hours each day playing video games than most people spend breathing. A recovering MMO addict, Tom’s gaming accomplishments include wasting a lot of his life popping Seriously 3.0 and winning an argument over xbox live. AFK, Tom is famous for announcing to his friends that he was going to ‘try to be more of a dick to them’.



Steam ID – thehygiene

Bardiya ‘Walt Jr’ McKinnon – Co-host/Stealth Enthusiast/Jerk/Male Model, Idiot


Legend tells us of a man who’s stoic demeanor and steely resolve could stop a train, of a man who once used his bare hands to somehow bend the fabric of time and space… Bardiya McKinnon is not that man but boy does he wish he was! When he isn’t petitioning to get Shenmue 3 made, he is writing David Hayter fan fiction. He describes himself as “a pretty ok dude” but most other people describe him as a “jerk” or “Isn’t that the guy who plays Walt Jr in Breaking Bad?”

Xbox Live: Smokehore06

PSN: Smokehore06