Because we’re gluttons for punishment, we’ll be staying up till 2am AEST to watch the Assassins Creed reveal and give our impressions! We don’t know if it’s just a trailer or a full stream, but there’s only one way to find out!

Ben will be ready to go with the live blog at 1:55am, see you there!

Live Blog 

1:45am – Well, signing on, ready for the live blog. I’m not sure what to expect, but with Ubisoft, I can safely assume it won’t shake up the formula too much.

I’m also interested by this idea of multiple protagonists and no multiplayer. I wonder if this was always on the cards or if it’s a pure reaction to the ‘Too Difficult to animate” scandal from last year. And fingers crossed no multiplayer means there can be a more cohesive vision to the single player. I want actually engaging, deep side missions. No more “go here, wait to finish talking, then go somewhere else”. It’s such a waste to have an amazing historical setting let down by bland writing, story and gameplay. So, like I said, fingers crossed…

1:50am – If we ARE having two playable characters, it’d be nice to split up the hidden blade gimmicks. I’d like to see an Assassins with fewer gadgets but more diverse abilities. With two characters, you could split the gadgets up between them. Maybe make one of them more range focused, while the other gets in close.

1:51 – Right, 9 minutes to go. Perfect time to make a cup of tea. Let’s all get comfy, yeah?

1:55 – Aaaaaaand I’m back. Come on Ubisoft, wow me.

1:57 – Ooooh, we have movement. The image of the Assassins hands has started moving. He’s flicking his blade in and out… Making sure it works, I guess? Gotta oil the ol’ blade. Maybe don’t keep it out in the rain, dude. It’ll rust fo sho.

1:58 – I love how inconspicuous his costume is so far. “Damn, we lost him… Let’s ask this man in golden, metal gauntlets if he saw anything strange”

1:59 – Slow zoom out to reveal a rather annoyed Assassin waiting for a London bus.

2:00 – So we had a montage of old AC games. Now Ubi devs are doing some cliche dev speak… Great new gameplay etc

2:02 – Some kind of story video. A male protagonist talking about corruption and revolution. Very similar themes. All told through graphics and cartoon animation, no gameplay yet.

2:05 – Jacob and Evie Fry are the two Assassins, both a part of an Underworld syndicate.

2:07 – So we saw Jacob kicking arse, very bloody and violent. Thrown knives, revolvers and a jumping brass knuckle punch attack. Afterwoods, he grapplehooks away. It was very Arkham City.

2:16 – Okay, so that was a huge chunk of pre-alpha gameplay. To be honest, I’m not blown away. There’s nothing that seems new to me, the animations look pretty janky (but again, pre-Alpha) and the characters seem dull. I mean Jacob sounds and almost looks exactly like Arno. The grapple is the coolest looking addition, with some zip line and whip attack actions.

2:20 – Release Date, October 23rd. From what I saw, this game should probably be released later next year. It just doesn’t look all that compelling.

Also, ZERO mention of Evie being playable. As far as I’m concerned, if she IS playable, it’s just going to be token pandering… She didn’t feature in the gameplay trailer, hardly showed up in the walkthrough… This game is still very much centred around a white, male protagonist who seems boring.

The one thing that may be interesting is this focus on crime, with rival gangs. Some kind of Nemesis system type thing, ala Shadow of Mordor, could be promising. Sadly, we’re more likely to get some more classic Ubisoft list gameplay… Just ticking off boxes, unlocking areas, collecting things… Etc.

Maybe I’m just tired but as a long time Assassins Creed fan, if even I feel like the franchise needs a break, things must be pretty bad.