Well, if you’re even vaguely connected to us via social media, then you’re already well used to us spruiking this show, like modern day snake oil merchants. Think of us as the arms dealer from Resident Evil 4, casually throwing open our trenchcoats, to reveal a barrage of videos and facebook posts… Admittedly, slightly less useful in the event of a zombie outbreak.

In case you have no idea what this is about, starting next Wednesday, 25th March, Big Head Mode will be embarking on a monthly talk show all about video games. Hosted by Carlo ‘SgtGooodtimes’ Ritchie and myself, Ben ‘Wolvieboy’ O’Brien, this show has really been a while in the making for us. Most of us involved with Big Head Mode have a background in comedy and stage productions and despite dabbling in games journalism through the radio show and website, we’ve all enjoyed making fun of games in a less serious way. Basically, this show absolves us of ever needing to be professionals again (if we ever were in the first place).


Our PAX Aus panel last year “Talking Funny: Comedy & Games” (which was tragically, not recorded due to our own gross technical incompetence) was the launchpad that’s led to this show, that’s going to feature comedians, actors, games industry reps and more, talking and laughing about video games. We’ve also managed to film and produce a tonne of content that eventually, we’ll be able to release online. So what that means is, even if you’re not based in Sydney, there’s still opportunity for you see what we’ve been working on.

A number of people have been asking just exactly what this show is… Essentially, it’s going to be a variety show. Carlo and I will be regular hosts, mixing stand up with a bit of game commentary. We’ve got the exceptionally talented Rae Johnston (Seriously, she does like, a million things) doing gaming news and discussions, a guest comedian doing stand up (Jordan Raskopoulous from The Axis of Awesome for the first show). And one of the things I’m most excited about, Benny Davis (Also from Axis) leading The Triforce, a Jazz trio playing new versions of some of the best game music around. It really is a mix of all the things we’ve been doing with Big Head Mode for the last two years, only on stage.

The gist of this post is, we’ve worked our butts off on something that we really think you guys are gonna love and we hope you all can make it. It’s just the first show, and we’ve already got big plans for future shows (For instance, if you’re not in Sydney, we promise there will be a chance to see the show in other cities… eventually).

It’s my personal hope that, with the vibe we’re trying to create, this show can become a monthly hang out for Sydney gamers. A place they can come, have a few laughs, grab some street passes and play some old N64 games with their friends, drinks in hand.

Right, that’s it. Go off and play games or something. (Remember, the key is to play them just a little bit, every day.)