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BHM Podcast #128 – Rise of a Tomb Raider

This week, Ben, Tom and Simon celebrate Big Head Mode's 3rd Birthday by talking about "Great Thirds"... What? No, that theme isn't "too vague"... ...
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BHM Podcast #127 – Halo 5

This week on the show, Ben, Carlo and Bardiya explore the long and totally easy to understand lore of the Halo universe, with a Halo 5 review (and ...
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BHM Podcast #126 – PAX Australia 2015

This week on the show, Ben, Tom and Carlo talk all about their weekend at PAX Australia! Indie games, Assassin's Creed and an (almost) argument ...
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BHM Podcast #125 – Side Quests

This week on the show, Ben, Carlo and Bardiya wander off the main path to talk about Sidequests. The review for the week is the Witcher 3 Expansion ...
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BHM Podcast #124 – Truly Awful Games

This week on the show, Ben and Bardiya talk about the worst games they've ever played and review the first episode of Telltale Games 'Minecraft: ...
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BHM Podcast #123 – Gaming Etiquette

This week on the show, Ben & Tom are joined by Hayden Wright, dope Dungeon Master and all round chill dude. They talk tales of poke-loss, ...
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BHM Podcast #122 – EB Expo 2015

Ben, Tom and Bardiya went to EB Expo Sydney, played some games, watched some games and waited in some lines. Did they have fun? Only one way to ...
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BHM Podcast #121 – Marathon Gaming

This week on the show Ben and Carlo stay up past their bed time and talk about Marathon Gaming. Plus, we review The Taken King DLC for Destiny! Big ...
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BHM Podcast #120 – Weird Games

This week Ben and Bardiya get real strange as they talk about 'Weird Games', Destiny Taken King, the Rockstar BBC Docudrama and top things off with ...
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BHM Podcast #119 – Violent Games

This week on the show, Ben, Tom and Bardiya get showered in gore as they talk about Violent games. Plus, the review for the week? Gears of War ...
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