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Video Game Characters Reading Mean Tweets

An important reminder to everyone that mean tweets can hurt, even if you're fictional... Subscribe to check out our other videos! iTunes ...
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BHM Podcast #134 – Powers

This week, Ben & Carlo are joined by Jenna Allen from Multiple Nerdgasm to discuss video game super powers, review Life is Strange and the ...
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Leaked EB Games Employee Training Video

It goes without saying that EB Games hasn't had the best publicity run of late. After the recent Kotaku article shedding light on some rather ...
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The Last of Joel

We all knew just how tough surviving in the apocalypse can be... But does it have to be this gross?
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Life’s a Peach

Once again Mario has saved the Princess but things don't seem all that Peachy in the Mushroom Kingdom... For more videos, check out our ...
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LEAKED: Secret Destiny Ghost Audition Tape Revealed!

With Peter Dinklage being cut out of Destiny, it's paved the way for a new voice for Ghost. But Nolan North wasn't Bungie's first choice... ...
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A Quiet Day at Los Santos Police Department

Just your average, run of the mill day for Los Santos' finest... If you liked this video, subscribe to our YouTube channel!
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When Duty Called, these Sydney Devs Answered

Indies are an ever exploding subculture that challenge the faceless corporations behind traditional video games. Ever defiant, the indie scene aims ...
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Down the Green Pipe: The Dark Secrets of Gaming, Revealed at Last

Dr Oliver Sox's new book, “The Man Who Mistook His Wife for a Goombah” is full of strange characters from the world of video games. The ...
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Review: Dungeon League

I've changed. Instead of: 'I have friends coming over, what should we play?" I ask, "how can I get my friends around to play Dungeon League?" ...
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