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On The Lounge with Rae Johnston & Seaton Kay-Smith

To celebrate our new live stage show 'Bonus Stage', we've got a bonus episode. In this one we sit on the lounge with Rae Johnston and Seaton ...
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Episode 7 - DeadSpace.00_04_08_15.Still006

On The Lounge with Cyrus Bezyan – Dead Space

Comedian Cyrus Bezyan doesn't play a lot of games so we decided to throw him into the deep end. Will he be reduced to a bubbling mess of ...
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Episode 6 - Halo Game.01_17_08_22.Still001

On The Lounge with Lewis Hobba – Halo Anniversary Edition

Comedian Lewis Hobba joins Ben and Carlo on the lounge this week and gets reacquainted with an old friend and nemesis - Halo. Will this be the ...
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On The Lounge with Daniel Townes – Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time

Ben and Carlo are joined On The Lounge this week by Comedian Daniel Townes, who takes them on a nostalgia trip back to the N64's Zelda: The ...
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Screen Shot 2014-10-29 at 7.14.13 pm (2)

On The Lounge with Otto Wicks-Green – Bioshock Infinite

Ben and Carlo are joined On The Lounge this week by musician Otto Wicks-Green from Sleepmakeswaves. Otto wanted to play a Star Wars game... ...
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On The Lounge with Gen Fricker – GTA V

'On The Lounge' is a new web series where we sit down with various comedians and personalities to discuss their careers and the games that ...
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