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A Chat with Alex Hutchinson, Creative Director of Far Cry 4

During PAX Australia 2014, we got a chance to chat to Alex Hutchinson about the future of diversity in Ubisoft games, non-linear gameplay and co-op ...
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On The Lounge with Daniel Townes – Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time

Ben and Carlo are joined On The Lounge this week by Comedian Daniel Townes, who takes them on a nostalgia trip back to the N64's Zelda: The ...
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On The Lounge with Otto Wicks-Green – Bioshock Infinite

Ben and Carlo are joined On The Lounge this week by musician Otto Wicks-Green from Sleepmakeswaves. Otto wanted to play a Star Wars game... ...
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Dead Rising 3: Interview with Jon Airhart

A few weeks ago, I got a chance to try out Dead Rising 3 and a number of other Xbox One launch titles. Dead Rising 3 so far seems to be shaping up ...
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Interview with Jakub Szamałek, Writer of The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

A full set of armour stands to one side of the entrance of CD Projekt Red’s Warsaw based studio, to either side walls are adorned with front page ...
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Interview with John Calhoun, Senior Producer of Dead Space 3

Fans have a lot of concerns about the direction Dead Space 3 seems to have gone in. With co-op, more action based controls and microtransacti...
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Interview with Okan Kaya, Guiness World Record Holder

There are few games out there that can claim the commercial success of the Call of Duty franchise. It's become a huge, cash filled juggernaut ...
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Interview with Caiti Ward, Founder of Roo Teeth

Odds are, if you're a regular gamer then you're probably familiar with Red vs Blue, the popular Machinima series made using the Halo engine. If ...
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